Omega Sunglasses
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OMEGA was introduced to the market by watchmaker Louis Brandt in 1948 - based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, he propelled OMEGA’s expansion throughout Europe. His passion and determination guaranteed the OMEGA company’s position as the largest watchmaker in Switzerland making 100,000 watches per year. Repeatedly revolutionizing the expectations of the wristwatch, OMEGA strives to provide the highest quality manufacturing techniques which allow them to provide true luxury to their clientele such as James Bond and astronauts such as the NASA pilots who landed on the moon. OMEGA products are recognised for their irrefutable precision and accuracy.

OMEGA Eyewear is as synonymous with excellence, innovation and precision as OMEGA watches are. Each pair of OMEGA takes inspiration from the iconic timepieces therefore each frame holds the same values as the prestigious Swiss watchmaker. OMEGA sunglasses focus on quality, pioneering design development and exquisite elegance. Providing prominent yet refined details each set of spectacles are created to the highest of standards, characterised by vintage-inspired details and contemporary aesthetics. The eyewear collection comprises iconic engravings, timeless craftsmanship and luxury materials that defines the OMEGA brand’s position at the forefront of luxury.



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