Hublot Sunglasses
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About Hublot

Coming from the well renowned lineage of the Italian Binda Group [famous for making Breil watches], Carlo Crocco departed the Italian dynasty in 1976 to start his own watch brand. Carlo moved to Switzerland and created MDM Geneve and designed a watch named the Hublot [meaning ‘porthole’ in French] which featured the first natural rubber strap in the history of watchmaking. Since then the Hublot brand has stood out as a pure luxury brand that successfully epitomizes ‘the art of fusion’.

Hublot sunglasses gracefully combine the art and tradition of innovation with an accurate awareness of their customers desires and demands. Hublot eyewear exceeds the precedent for luxurious frames, manufactured in Japan, inspired by the Hublot watch intelligence. Titanium frames represent the innovation of the Swiss brand and each unique design element remains true to the original inspiration of Carlo Crocco: “The Art of Fusion”.


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