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Christian Roth Sunglasses

About Christain Roth

Christian Roth, born in Hanover, Germany, is a designer of luxury spectacles. Roth is the son of Dr. Fritz-Jürgen and Sabine Roth, geb. von Prittwitz und Gaffron, and recalls receiving a pair of Ray-Bans from his father at age 15 as a defining moment in discovering his passion for eyewear.

Now, working with the DITA Group, the Christain Roth label has worked in an innovative and creative manner to deconstruct its own archive to begin a conversation with a new generation of consumers. The designers at Christain Roth explain they take inspiration from society’s relationship with technology and the ever-changing relationship of self-representation and social interaction. The brand is entirely unencumbered by traditional gender or social roles which makes for some of the most exciting eyewear designs on the market! 

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