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About Superdry

Taking influence from the iconic, defining 1950’s style and blending quality materials and finishes, the Superdry Optical Collection provides timeless and classic eyewear. From the women's cat’s eye "Daisy" model to the half-framed men’s "Caine" and retro "Depp", all styles possess vintage roots with a unique, contemporary design twist. Remaining synonymous with Superdry's brand style, materials, detailing and quality remain of paramount importance. Bamboo temples, chrome barrel hinges and unique, high-definition multiple branding are some of the features that make the collection unique. Thicker acetate than is standard ensures ultimate quality and craftsmanship. Men’s finishes lean deep into jet blacks--both flat matte and piano black polished--as well as rich tortoiseshells.

Women’s finishes combines heavy black fading to blush, hazy pinks as well as coloured tortoiseshells. Hand finished to perfection and displayed in a unique case, the Superdry Optical Collection aims to define contemporary, accessible eyewear as a future classic.

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