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About Prada

Prada glasses epitomise style and luxury within the designer industry. Having been In existence for almost a century, The House of Prada is a world-wide pioneer in simple, elegant, high-fashion handbags and eyewear. In 1913 the Prada label was founded by Mario Prada, who began by selling shoes, leather handbags and trunks. Within a relatively short time the Prada brand received widespread recognition with success in Europe and the US, and later opened two boutiques in Milan.

Prada is the first name in fashion handbags and eyewear, and has become a worldwide empire. It has stores in almost every country in the western world and gets plenty of free advertising from the many celebrities who carry Prada handbags. The Prada look has certainly evolved and diversified over the years, and Miuccia gets the credit for steering Prada in the right direction and maintained the highest quality. The Wall Street Journal has named Miuccia one of the thirty most powerful women in Europe

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