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Persol - About The Brand

Created in 1917 by Turin based photographer Giuseppe Ratti, Persol glasses began as protective eyewear for daredevil motorcyclists, pilots and eventually, the military. From there, the brand began revolutionising eyewear design, coming up with the 3 notch bridge which is still used today on some Persol models. Persol went on to supply NASA, Paris-Dakar rally contestants, and mountaineers. Of course being Italian, function was not everything - they had to look good doing it. They became popular with celebrities, including Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen, eventually embracing Hollywood by opening the first Persol boutique on Rodeo Drive in LA. Persol Glasses are still made in Lauriano, Turin as they always have been.

Persol Glasses

Persol's style is distinctly vintage, with inspiration coming from places close to Persol's heart: technology and cinema. Persol's Reflex collection is inspired old cameras; while their Film Noir collection is created with characters in mind from the genre of the same name. Most recently, Persol has released the Typewriter Edition "inspired by the symphony of the moving parts inside each typewriter". All Persol glasses all feature the distinctive Persol Arrow on the temple, inspired by the swords of ancient warriors. This trademarked arrow device has varied over the years, from the very simplistic to the more complex 'Phoenix' arrow found on the Film Noir collection.

Prescription Lenses

We can offer prescription lenses in any Persol frame, including Kodak Clean n Clear, Essilor Crizal and most other lens brands, up to 1.74 index. All our lenses come with anti-reflective and anti scratch coating.

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