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Nina Ricci Glasses

About Nina Ricci

Maria Adélaide Nielli moved to France with her family in 1895 aged 12 and started an apprenticeship with a dressmaker. Nina was her childhood nickname that stuck with her, and in 1904 she became Nina Ricci after marrying an Italian jeweller, Luigi Ricci. As Nina Ricci’s love for fashion grew, she joined a fashion house, where she worked as a designer for 20 years before founding the Nina Ricci house in 1932. Nina Ricci designed couture gowns while her son Robert Ricci managed the business and finance side of the brand - Nina worked with the fabrics directly on the mannequin to ensure they had shape once they were finished. Nina Ricci designs soon became known for the refined, romantic and always feminine feeling. Nina Ricci entrusted the artistic direction of her house to Jules-François Crahay in 1954 and his more architectural style and curvier silhouettes was a perfect addition to the brand. Today, 50 years on from Nina Ricci’s death, the brand remains colourful, charming and nostalgic. 

Nina Ricci eyewear collection is the same at its core opting for soft, ethereal pastel colours which are placed in poetically constructed frames adorned with delicate golden frames. Nina Ricci glasses reassert a dreamy retro style that is revamped for a contemporary marketplace. Featuring a range of oversized, gold chain and translucent frames - the Nina Ricci opticals play with patterns, embellishment and colour in such a delicate and careful manner.


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