L.G.R Glasses
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L.G.R Glasses

Designer Backstory

L.G.R eyewear is entirely handmade in Italy by three artisanal families, who build each frame from start to finish using traditional methods of production in order to deliver an authentic and noble product. L.G.R preserves Italian values and heritage through hard work by real people who have spent their lives specialising in this meticulous line of craftsmanship. The result is a genuine product that translates excellence through passion and authenticity.

L.G.R eyewear is created with the concept of an everlasting object intended to accompany the traveller on endless journeys filled with adventure. Material selection is therefore at the very core of L.G.R. Only the best is sourced in order to ensure resistant and long lasting products. Cellulose acetate is used for its inherent durability and flexibility allowing the frames to adapt to the wearer’s face over time. Metal for its strength and design possibilities.

Superleggero Line

The Superleggero line consists of super-lightweight steel temples and extra thin acetate riveted frames, inspired by the captivating design of the Italian racing cars of the Sixties.

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