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ic! berlin Glasses


About ic! berlin

ic! berlin was founded by Ralph Anderl in 1997. Ralph is a true Renaissance man with superb design skills and is not afraid to push the boundaries when promoting his unique brand. It all started in a living rom with a simple tool and an aluminum sheet. ic! berlin glasses are handcrafted with great care taken for each individual piece. These screwless sheet metal glasses combine great functional design with modern edgy urban fashion.

Strong, lightweight and unique, Ralph Anderl has succeeded in creating an eyewear brand which stands apart. ic! berlin glasses are made with a patented hinge design that uses no screws or glue, earning them many design awards for innovation. Going against the grain of traditional eyewear fashion, ic! berlin glasses have built themselves up from a niche brand only available to the super-cool, to something accessible by everyone, including the super-cool.

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