Furla Glasses
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About Furla

The Furla fashion brand was founded in Bologna, Italy,  in 1927 by Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto. The name is now recognized as an example of prestigious Italian style and quality. Furla has played an important part of Italian fashion history and has elevated the expectations attached to the declaration ‘Made in Italy’. Furla is synonymous with innovative design, impressive quality, colourful creativity, joyfulness and a contemporary Italian lifestyle.

The Furla Eyewear collection mirrors these descriptors and the spirit of the brand can be seen in each pair of Furla glasses. Furla frames are delicately crafted with flowing and elegant lines, designed with a modern self-confident woman in mind. Furla glasses add their trademark touch of creativity, elegance and timeless simplicity through bold colour choices and classic frame shapes. Each pair of spectacles display Furla’s dedication to modern and eclectic craftsmanship.


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