Flexon Glasses
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About Flexon Eyewear

The history of Flexon starts in 1961 when scientists at the US Naval Ordnance Lab were creating titanium-based alloys to use in missile heat shields. The researchers accidentally discover that bends in the alloy would automatically remove themselves when exposed to heat. The scientists produced a small amount of the alloy and hit it several times with a hammer to test their theory, causing several dents. They left the dented sample on a window sill and a few hours later they found that the dents had removed themselves. The metal had “remembered” its original shape and automatically returned to it!

Flexon eyewear brand is an American brand that was launched in 1988 by Marchon Eyewear. Flexon glasses utilize NiTiNOL which possesses a shape memory alloy composed of titanium and nickel. This alloy, unlike other metals, can "remember" and return to its original set shape after it has been bent, dented or twisted. This discovery changed the eyewear market forever due to its unique attributes. Marchon utilizes Japanese materials and technology in order to create strikingly classic unisex Flexon frames. 




Flexon eyewear is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals allowing wearers to confidently embrace every challenge without hesitation.

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