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Alain Mikli Glasses


About Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli has always given free rein to his passion for light and enthuses about his vision of eyewear. All over the world. Alain Mikli is respected as the most influential designer of eyewear. Since 1978 he has brought his skills as a fine technician, optician and a creative mind. His skill sets are a permanent contrast between the practical and the extravagant, the technical and the stylish, the precise and the entertaining. Alain Mikli is a living brand constantly revitalised by his limitless imagination and style. He is always exploring the next statement on how eyewear evolves.

Alain Mikli uses only the very finest materials available. The plastic used is acetate from the famous Mazzucchelli company, while the patterns used are exclusive to Alain Mikli. This beautiful material gives vibrant colours, comfort and durability. The titanium used in the production of their frames is again of the the most pure and premium quality. The titanium used for Alain Mikli is produced in Japan and no expense is spared to produce the light, colourful, strong pieces we see in his collections.

Pret a Voir are proud to be able to supply the world’s finest eyewear brand: Alain Mikli.

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