Father's Day is fast on the horizon (this Sunday folks) though there is still time to treat that extra special gent to some spectacular eye wear. We're celebrating our favourite spectacle wearing dad's from celebrity and pop culture and how to imitate their iconic styles.glasses2 We start of with one of the most famous tv Dad's in the last 10 years, Walter White. While some would call him misguided (if you can call making meth misguided) he does so to provide for his family. Or at least, it starts off that way. Walter wears the Smith turntable glasses, which alas are no longer in production, however the Oakley Breadbox is both a convincing match and a damn sight cheaper and ideal eye wear for your aspiring king pins out there.glasses3Oscar winner, father and for many, the default Mr Darcy, Colin Firth is the epitome of stylish and sophisticated optical wearers. With his quiet and classic British good looks, he opts for a strong frame. Of course Firth couldn't wear anything else but the Tom Ford TF5178.glasses4Is any man cooler than the often cited King of Cool, Steve McQueen? We certainly can't think of anyone. Known for his activism, love of racing and his classic masculine style, McQueen has made the Persol 0714's a must have item for any optical aficionado.glasses5No one really quite embodies the international father like Brad Pitt. He's gone from American pin up to social activist father of 6. Known for his humanitarian work as much as his acting these days, Pitt travels the world promoting his charity work with his partner Jolie. Get his look with these gorgeous IC Berlin specs. glasses6Sporting legend, style icon and frequent candidate for Father of the Year Polls, David Beckham has become an international phenomenon with his high profile football career. A handsome, hard-working family man, Beckham has shown a penchant for Oliver Peoples frames on more than one occasion and the we love him in the Benedicts. glasses1He's one of Hollywood's leading men, acclaimed for his work in tv and cinema. If anyone is heir to McQueen's throne as King of Cool it's Robert Downey Jr. With his effortless ease, charisma and humor he's become a true icon. A Ray Ban club-master is perfect for channeling your inner Iron Man. Who's your favourite father on screen? Any obvious ones we've missed? Tweet us your iconic spectacle wearing dads @pretavoir and we'll help you capture their eyewear looks.