You could easily be forgiven for wanting to add an 'h' to the word 'Frency' and start assuming this was a European brand, but Frency & Mercury is Japanese pedigree through and through. Started by Japanese designer Eque. M, their frames use materials such as titanium (from Japan, of course) and 18K gold extensively in their designs. The styles have a distinctly SoCal edge to them - which makes perfect sense: Eque. M (which I have no clue how to pronounce, nor what the 'M' stands for) spent his twenties on the West Coast of the USA, sampling its culture, fashion and design.

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Many eyewear brands use the term 'handmade' in their marketing - which can occasionally be questionable, because what does handmade actually mean? But F&M's claim is very much believable and it's quite clear that to them, 'handmade' means a highly skilled craftsman has used hand tools to construct each frame - it really shows.

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In terms of style, there is a clear traditional influence, with features such as the curl side on the Pilot Bottle frames and leather eye guards on the California frame. This traditional influence is complimented with modern style choices seen on the catwalk in recent seasons, such as the flash mirror lenses seen on the Egoistic Sunday IIThe use of either pure or beta titanium throughout the collection has allowed the use of extra material without making the frame un-wearably heavy, meaning frames can feature embellishments such as double bridges (on the excellently-named Burly Lion) and metal temple and end tip decoration (seen on the Agent). As is the norm amongst higher-end brands, obvious branding is non-existent, although most of the designs are distinctive enough that a connoisseur of good eyewear would know.

Frency & Mercury Sunglasses Frency & Mercury Aviator

Prices start from around £250 ($380 US dollars), and include male and female specific styles. View them here.

Frency & Mercury is the perfect brand for fans of Dita, who offer similar attention to detail and a true, handmade quality.