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Tom Ford Sunglasses

About Tom Ford

Tom Ford, arguably the most powerful man in fashion, had his origins with Gucci. He was responsible for turning Gucci into the fresh mainstream brand it is today and transformed their profits from millions to billions.

The Tom Ford collection contains some pieces that are vintage inspired; these are utterly exquisite and boast sinuous curves and delicate detail. Tom Ford has also added his own Private Collection range, personally designed to his own specifications for a unique finish in Buffalo Horn. The Horn as a natural substance means each piece has its own unique finish.

The luxurious designs incorporate a contemporary, modern twist and are perfect for the fashion conscious. Tom Ford provides pieces to cater for those who wish to make a subtle or bold statement, and the artistic flair used to create this range is a beautiful way to express your personality and play with your own unique style. The iconic frames are a magnificent fusion of fashion and practicality, and effortlessly decorate any face without flaw.

Tom ford Sunglasses & Bond's Sunglasses

Since becoming the tailor of choice on the set of Quantum of Solace, Tom Ford's sunglasses have become synonymous with James Bond's impeccable gentleman’s wardrobe portrayed by Daniel Craig. With the contemporary metal aviator Tom Ford Marko appearing in Skyfall to the luxurious soft acetate of the Tom Ford Snowden worn in Spectre.

James Bond wearing Tom Ford Snowden Sunglasses TF0237 05b

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