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Longchamp Sunglasses

About Longchamp

Longchamp has been synonymous with tradition and quality since 1948, the French luxury fashion brand originally specialised in fine tobacco products before being taken over by Jean Cassegrain who transitioned the brand into leather goods and accessories. The company's real breakthrough came through their work with nylon. In the 1970s, Longchamp created the first lightweight luggage collection which was made from leather and nylon contrary to the overweight suitcases usually sold at that time. This innovation led the company to design a women's handbag known throughout the world as the ‘Le Pliage’, which is one of Longchamp’s most recognisable products to date. Today, the brand stands out for its quality and design which has made Longchamp a world famous fashion brand - sticking to the core values of the Longchamp philosophy of quality, excellence and perfection.

Longchamp work closely with their French roots to make each pair of Longchamp sunglasses elegant and cosmopolitan. Using predominantly classic shapes, Longhcamp eyewear is made using high-quality frames with design detailing that provide the wearer with a subtly glamorous edge. Each Longchamp frame is feminine and classic, the eyewear collection favours gentle cat eye shapes and colours and textures that are demure and timeless. 

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