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Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

About Jimmy Choo

As little as ten years ago, when Malaysian cobbler Jimmy Choo was making and selling just a few pairs of shoes a week out of his basement workshop in one of London’s less well regarded neighbourhoods, he could hardly have imagined that his name would become the label of an international footwear sensation. From his origins a decade ago in a dilapidated old hospital building, he has founded and inspired a phenomenon that is celebrated in fashion magazines and catwalks the world over. Even the phrase ‘Jimmy Choos’ has passed into the vernacular as a synonym for a pair of new shoes--a piece of rhyming slang only made possible by the fact that the registrar misspelt his real name, Chow, on his birth certificate.

Whilst Jimmy’s ‘dainty and deadly’ stilettos were for years beloved amongst a highly select list of clients that included Diana, Princess of Wales, it took the money, talent and the glamour of Tamara Mellon to make his sexy, stylish creations global. For the next ten years, her pushy marketing was to haul the company out of its Hackney basement and onto the feet of royalty, celebrities and socialites the world over. Along the way there were casualties; she had to deal with the break up of her marriage, highly publicised affair with a kiss and tell boyfriend, and a bust up with her co-founder, Jimmy Choo himself. But whatever her own losses, the company she launched--now rivaled only by Manolo Blahnik--has never done anything short of win.

Jimmy Choo is a global leader within luxury fashion and is world renowned for the brand’s glamour and ‘playfully daring spirit’. Jimmy Choo sunglasses follow the same design principles with each pair of frames distinctive in their own style and shape. Each frame thoughtfully takes inspiration from the Jimmy Choo shoe collection, with a touch of glamour in every pair of sunglasses. Jimmy Choo glasses and sunglasses are manufactured under license by Safilo, the same company responsible for Gucci and Dior sunglasses. Jimmy Choo sunglasses, available from Pretavoir, allow you to make a statement. Stand out from the crowd.


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