Dita Von Teese Sunglasses
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Dita Von Teese Sunglasses

Queen of Burlesque

Dita Von Teese is perhaps the worlds best know burlesque personality. Her shows are legendary and tickets much sought after. The 'Queen of Burlesque' born in Michigan in 1972 enjoyed a colourful teenage, developing a fascination with 1940s cinema style, encouraged by her mother who was a fan of golden age Hollywood films. Originally a ballet dancer, Von Teese developed an interest in lingerie, later training as a costume designer. This provided her background and knowledge when she later went on to found her own highly successful lingerie collections. Dita is also famous for her marriage to the rock star Marilyn Manson. Manson who had been a long time admirer of Von Teese proposed on 2004 with help of a vintage 7 ct diamond, marrying in 2005. The marriage was short lived though colourful with the couple divorcing in 2006.

Dita is well known for her figure hugging wardrobe and also for her incredible collection of sunglasses. She has been photographed wearing Miu Miu Noir 10NS on very many occasions. She is also a fan of Dior, US designer Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs and is often invited to sit in the front row of their catwalk shows.

DITA Eyewear

Dita Von Teese eyewear, manufactured by the DITA eyewear is a namely collaboration. Indeed the founders of DITA eyewear; John Juniper and Jeff Solorio are personal friends of Dita and took inspiration from her when naming their own brand. They promised to repay the gesture with the gift of working on her eyewear collection hence the DVT sunglass collection is not manufactured by just any regular company, rather by perhaps the finest, most detail focussed eyewear company of them all; DITA. Well done Ms Von Teese... Dita von Teese wears many of her own sunglasses on a regular basis, such as Nocturnelle and Sophisticat as seen above. However, she cannot resist wearing some of John and Jeff's most iconic creations such as the DITA Heartbreaker and Hurricane. Dita herself has not yet created an optical glasses collection however whenever spotted in upswept cat eye glasses they will be from the DITA collection, such as Vida and Reflection

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