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About Cazal

“To have something that is a true vintage you have to have something that was a true original” – Cazal creator Cari Zalloni

CAZAL have fast become one of the world's most beloved cult brands. With a rich history in eyewear design, no brand has defined the aesthetic of a cultural generation in the same way that CAZAL has. CAZAL frames became popular within the hip-hop and rap movement in the late 70s (their classic 607 frames are affectionately known as the RUN DMC glasses) and have become an instantly recognisable status symbol. Their unique designs truly embody a classic vintage aesthetic, grounded in former chief designer Cari Zalloni's authentic and passionate approach to eyewear. The brand's iconic frames have become synonymous with luxury and quality. Made in Germany, each pair of CAZAL glasses is made up of at least 50 different pieces before being put through rigorous testing. Using only the finest material such as gold and pure titanium, CAZAL glasses are built to last. Every pair of CAZAL glasses is infused with a rich heritage of eyewear, refusing to follow the mainstream, instead embracing an ethos of extravagance and individuality at the heart of the brand. CAZAL is a brand that gets under your skin, transcending cultural barriers from music to cinema to street style, it's no wonder CAZAL counts the likes of Clint Eastwood, Elton, John, Al Pacino, Beyoncé and George Clinton among their fans.

No eyewear brand has truly helped shape the aesthetic of a cultural generation in the same way CAZAL and their sunglasses have. With a love of extravagance and quality craftsmanship, CAZAL quickly found footing in the hip hop community and CAZAL sunglasses became a symbol of status and individuality. The unusual and striking sunglasses have taken on a timeless quality, creating a classic vintage with their refreshing take on eyewear design. Popular across music, film and fashion, CAZAL inspires a loyalty due to their timeless design and high level of quality.


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