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Zadig & Voltaire Glasses

About Zagid & Voltaire

French brand Zagid and Voltaire was founded in 1997 as a prêt-à-porter [ready-to-wear] Maison establishing a new idea of luxury. Established by Thierry Gillier, the grandson of Andre Gillier [co-founder of Lacoste] the brand gained a cult following within Paris. The Zagid&Voltaire name was inspired by the Voltaire book, ‘Zadig ou la Destinee’ which translates to ‘The Book of Fate’. Voltaire’s writing is praised by critics for its use of juxtapositions and contradictions - the Zagid & Voltaire fashion brand is much the same pairing soft chiffons and bold leather being a perfect balance between bohemian and rock inspired. Priding themself on their unique customer community, Zagid & Voltaire have created a strong, cultured group of consumers with a sense of urban streetwear and luxury materials. The soul of Zadig&Voltaire brand is a reflection of their creative director, Cecilia Bönström, who inspires the brand identity, French roots and grunge edge. 

The Zadig&Voltaire eyewear collection will mirror the fashion brand, working with classic and exquisite materials, each pair of glasses are chic yet rock-inspired. Zagid & Volatire’s designs are unmistakable embodying a new type of French luxury with a contemporary spirit. Refined in their presentation, the glasses collection are timeless and underpinned with a rock and roll energy.
The temples of the metal frames are characterised with Wings and Flash details, emblematic of the maison, presenting several different design details, textures and materials. Each optical is lightweight, durable and then perfected with the iconic ‘Z’ and ‘V’ initials.

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