Sandro Glasses
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About Sandro

Sandro was founded in 1984 by Evelyne Chétrite, the brand style is perfectly Parisian, contemporary and cool, walking a fine line between luxury and high street. Sandro is a mix of elegant Parisian style and rock n 'roll: delicate lace paired with leather, durable denim and floaty and frilly blouses. Evelyne’s look for Sandro is a combination of femininity and masculinity. The fashion house is located in the heart of Paris, where the studios and ateliers are conceived: impeccably cut and fitted each design is strikingly modern yet imbedded in vintage style. The strong, yet elegant design is combined with rich, high-quality materials to create a modern atmosphere.

Sandro Eyewear has created a range of optical glasses bringing together a modern look, with the vintage touches and a play on androgyny that is so well-rooted within Sandro Paris. The glasses collection consists of clean, strong lines with sophisticated details and simplistic aesthetic. Each frame is versatile, with the edge of Sandro’s sensibility, using classic high-quality acetates and robust metals these opticals are perfect for every face shape.


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