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Police​, the De Rigo Group's house brand, was launched in Italy in 1983 as unisex eyewear. Police eyewear has always been a brand built on style and innovation. De Rigo started the range in the early inspired by the classic aviator styles worn by the American Police Force but with the creativity and imagination of the younger and fresher generation which in turn allowed the POLICE eyewear brand to offer a whole new outlook in regards to their glasses. Appealing to the rebels: young people who want to make a mark on the world they live in through their choices and their desire to express themselves: POLICE pioneer an attitude that has made a worldwide mark.

POLICE glasses use technically advanced and avant-garde materials in combination to create extremely fashionable shapes that marry sophisticated colours to represent the brand's style within each eyewear frame. POLICE opticals offer a wide range of distinctive frames that are designed to emphasise the wearer's face in an effortlessly cool style. With spokesmen such as Lewis Hamilton, Antonio Banderas, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and Neymar Jr. the uncompromising and daring values of the brand are not in question. Each pair of POLICE glasses signify the passion, confidence and glamour of the world-class eyewear collection.





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