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About Illesteva

Illesteva - pronounced ‘illest-eva’ - started in 2010 by brother and sister duo, Alina and Daniel Silberman. The brand was a finalist in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund's 2012 competition and were recognised for their passion for modern art translated into wearable eyewear designs. Maintaining a high standard of quality and creativity, each pair of Illesteva glasses begin with one of a kind acetate colour way blended by hand. This process allows each pair of Illesteva spectacles to be unique as no two pairs have the exact same pattern. After the assembly process is complete, each pair of Illestevas are individually inspected to ensure they meet the excellent standard established by the brand.

Designing a pair of Illesteva glasses happens in-house at the duos SoHo Studio in New York City and the design team take inspiration from all around the world. The frames are handmade exclusively by leading manufacturers of luxury eyewear between Italy and France. Only the highest grade acetate is used in the design of Illesteva glasses. This meticulous process takes over 90 days and requires more than 50 steps from start to finish which can definitely be seen in each magically magnificent pair of Illesteva glasses. 

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