Hugo Boss Glasses
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About Hugo Boss

Hugo Ferdinand Boss was born in 1885 and he grew up in Metzingen, Germany where his parents owned a lingerie shop. He took over their store in 1908 and this experience as well as apprenticeships as a merchant allowed him to become a successful entrepreneur.

In 1923 established  Hugo Boss which he turned into a factory a year later - at this point in history, fashion produced very simple clothing designs such as shirts, jackets and raincoats. In 1948 Hugo Ferdinand Boss died and his son-in-law Eugen Holy took over the Boss business. During the 1970s the BOSS brand started to develop, focusing particularly on high-quality male clothes. This business move gained the fashion brand international acknowledgement leading to motorsports and Formula One racing sponsors that really segmented the Hugo Boss brand in the luxury retail sector. 

The Hugo Boss style is known to be sophisticated and chic and Hugo Boss Eyewear remains by these design principles. Each pair of Hugo Boss glasses express perfect elegance through their innovative design combining high-tech materials and intricate design details. Providing high-quality glasses with functionality, style and a comfortable fit guaranteed, Hugo Boss frames offer a wide variety of colours, shapes and fit ensuring a versatile choice of men and women. 




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