Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel Sunglasses

Chanel the Brand

Chanel began in 1914, created by the style icon Coco Chanel who opened two boutique stores in France. It is one of the few brands that has never gone out of fashion, never even faultered, and is coveted by the rich, famous and stylish the world over. Credited with creating the quilted handbag, the 'No. 5' perfume, and the little black dress, it has led the fashion world season after season. Recognisable even without seeing the famous double 'C' logo; Chanel style is timeless, fitting in with 50s and 60s glamour just as much as with today's modern woman. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel became well-known for creating ladieswear that reflected her rebellious style, bringing a comfort and practicality to style that liberated the women of her generation. This legacy has been revived by Karl Lagerfeld, who began as Creative Director in 1984. By using different materials he has created a style in keeping with Chanel’s early philosophy, but suitable for a modern audience.

The Chanel 2014 Campaign

For the 2014 Prestige campaign, Karl Lagerfeld photographed Charlotte Free. In a daring 'romanticorock' atmosphere, she is pictured as a mischievous young lady unveiling a modern and feminine collection. Sulky pouting and pink hair contrasting with her porcelain complexion, Charlotte lounges amongst randomly scattered pearls, knitwear and tweeds from the 2014 Fall Winter Ready-to-Wear & Accessory collection.

Chanel Sunglasses - The Must Have Accessory

Chanel's sunglasses are typically dark - classic black features heavily - with oversize lenses. They often take style cues from Chanel's other ranges - quilted sunglasses and chain sunglasses are inspired by different aspects of Chanel bags. Pearls are used as a nod towards the classic Chanel pearl necklace - frequently worn by Coco Chanel herself. Styles like the CH5171 have remained popular season after season, and have inspired further frames with the bow detail, such as the daintier CH5205 The range features very feminine shapes - with Butterfly, Cat Eye and oversized frames stealing the show.

Chanel is a brand of luxury, perfection and uniqueness. At the heart of the French Haute-Couture and Prêt-aPorter culture, Chanel products are differentiated by their top quality. Glamorous, precious, elegant, classic, refined – these are all words that describe the fashion world of this renowned luxury brand.

All our Chanel frames come with a Chanel hard case, cleaning cloth and branded drawstring bag.

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