If there is one thing we know, is that you can never come between a blogger and her Ray Ban Wayfarers. Meet Stephanie Brown AKA Fashion Blogger Faiiint. A girl after our own heart, she loves the darker things in life and don't think that it is in a glass half empty kind of way. She lives her life as Henry Ford would, having everything in any colour as long as it was black (including her Ray Bans!)

Stephanie presents a beautiful aesthetic throughout her blog showcasing what she is up to, where she is and of course what she is wearing. There is the occasional appearance of her gorgeous fluffy puppy which - lets face it - just adds the perfect monochrome accent to each outfit. We have the biggest style crush on her simply due to her ability to make every all black outfit look completely different. We chose some of her favourite looks and caught up with her for a quick chat.
faiint ray bans pretavoir.jpg2
First things first, what made you choose the classic Ray Ban Wafarer?
Wayfarers are timeless, they work with everything & have that classic rock'n'roll, movie star kind of look which I love.
faiint ray bans pretavoir
Who is your ultimate eyewear icon?
I love Angelina Jolie in her aviators, I wish I could pull them off that well!
Is there a style you love but you dont think you could wear / pull off?
I really love the way the huge round frames that have suddenly become very popular look on other girls, but my face is so angular & square, they just look awful on me.
faiint ray bans pretavoir.jpg3faiint ray bans pretavoir.jpg4
Glasses, contacts or simply for the sun?
Purely for the sun & hiding behind when I've not had much sleep too!
Oh yes, perfect for hiding those post party circles! Speaking of which, what is your favourite memory of this summer?
It has to be finally launching the first pieces of my clothing line & getting the store up and running. I've spent most the summer working on that instead of doing other fun things, but it's been so worth it & amazing to see all my planning & hard work come together at last!
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