Emerging fashion label TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloIst. has teamed with Oliver Peoples to create a bespoke luxury eyewear collection. Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita fronts TheSoloIst mainline collection and has been hailed as a fashion visionary for his recent tailored designs. Miyashita's experimentation with layered fabrics, textured designs with bohemian flair make for an inspiring collaboration with the eloquent vintage designs of Oliver Peoples. The range has been named TheSoloIst and will be part of the 2011/12 eyewear collection.

TheSoloIst frames were created with a 'salvage' philosophy in which Miyashita aimed to recreate a vintage frame which would be entirely true to its aesthetics. Old factories and warehouses were scoured for original metal pieces that could be incorporated into the frames, crafting a truly original collection. Where this was not possible, creators spent a year replicating missing parts whilst using traditional techniques and tools used for Oliver Peoples frames almost 25 years ago. This amalgamation of the old and the new symbolises this perfect partnership who have found a harmonious balance between the vintage and the vintage inspired.

The result is one optical and one sunglass frame, both of which have double bar bridge detailing. The first model - the optical frame - boasts a round P3 lens shape and is available in three different colours. The sunglass, 'Tear Drop', is available in four colours with the added benefit of polarized lenses. These unisex frames are a wonderful arrangement of treated metals and acetate, creating a stunning collection with class and elegance.These vintage frames not only boast a classic design but deliver when it comes to quality and authenticity. The top-bar and temple plaques for instance are made from reclaimed materials from three decades ago.

These are not simply glasses, but a statement; about Oliver Peoples' history in luxury eyewear, and its promise to future design, thanks to Miyashita. Investing in TheSoloIst collection means that you will become a part of the new generation of vintage eyewear, paying homage to the designs of the past that have stood the test of time. What's not to love?