The iconic design of the Swiss Railway clock is clear in Mondaine watches. On a plain white face, these legible timepieces have black hand hour and minute indicators along with a red second hand with a large circle. What makes the Stop2Go different is that when the seconds hand reaches 12 it stops for two seconds, and then jumps ahead as the minute hand advances. The second hand completes a full revolution in 48 seconds..

According to Mondaine, Swiss SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) clocks have been doing this for about 70 years, with a Swiss desire for accuracy of course. In the 1940s SBB wanted the clocks in each of their train stations to be synchronised.  Trains not only needed to be on time, but train stations each needed to keep the same time.

In 1944 a Swiss engineer named Hans Hilfiker designed a new synchronisation system to ensure  clocks at each station kept the same correct using signals via telephone cables. The system would if necessary correct the clock at thousands of  stations every single minute. The two second pause allows for each clock to be synchronised and the delay gives the clock the ability to correct any albeit unlikely error. Thus, the iconic two second pause each minute as seen on Swiss Railways clocks was borne. It is a unique aspect of Swiss culture, very much in line with the personality of their watch industry.

In the mid 80s watch brand Mondaine agree the license to use the iconic SBB clock face designs in wristwatches. In 2013 Mondaine finally captured the two second delay in a the Stop2Go. This timepiece is very much the same Mondaine Swiss Railways watch that we are used to. The Stop2Go doesn't just have a special quartz movement with the two second delay, but it also features a slightly redesigned case.

The movement is interesting, as is the new case design. In steel, the brushed case is 41mm wide and features a more modern, industrial design. A unique feature is the crown, which is designed to look like a rocker switch.

Inside the watch is a sophisticated caliber 58-02 Swiss quartz movement. Mondaine needed to use two separate motors to make the watch work with the hour and minute hands operating on different gear trains.

The Stop2Go features a premium AR coated sapphire crystal. If you aren't typically interested in quartz watches this is one of the few exceptions we would recommend. It really is an ingenious concept and interpretation of the real world SBB Railways clocks. Mondaine Stop2Go at Pretavoir