The trials and tribulations of an Instagram Addict are all encompassing. Constantly looking at everything as potential picture perfect content, the nerves that come during the editing process and the anxiety that follows when you forget a hashtag. The Instagram Junkie can be difficult to diagnose but what if you could turn your addiction into your everyday surroundings? Tens sunglasses wanted to take their addiction from their phone screens to their lenses. Pret got chatting to one of the founders Marty Bell on their story, what makes them tick and of course, their favourite filter. #PretInvestigates

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Wouldn't it be perfect if you could live life through your ÛÏValenciaÛ filter? If you have ever said anything along the lines of, ÛÏThis will be perfect for WaldenÛ or ÛÏDontcha just love LoFi?" then it is about time you take the next step into filtering with a pair of Tens Sunglasses. The bright idea came to the three long time friends on a grey and dreary day driving to Inverness in their radioless beat up Corsa. Fed up, it was the simple social media-age old question:

"Why can't we photoshop real life?!"


Being born and raised in Scotland it doesn't come as a surprise that Photographers and Filmmakers Marty Bell, Kris Reid and Tom Welsh were fans of warmer (looking) climates. They sought out to tweak the traditional cold and drieche landscapes that surrounded them and figure out a way to make everyday life warmer, brighter and altogether better ÛÒ essentially a real life photo filter without all the technology, and Tens Sunglasses was born.
"What if we found the perfect tint?!"TENS-NYC-8137
Together the team had it all and with their joint mix of creative eyes and contacts within the industry. They got to work straight away and after three years, the first Tens product was available for Pre Order via their indiegogo campaign. After completely smashing their targets, Instagram addicts around the world rejoiced as the team found the perfect lens to bring instagram offline. The life changing sunglasses work with the warmth of the sun to enhance everything you see, creating a filter for your eyes only. While dimming the brightness, they also managed to intensify your surroundings and setting the perfect scene. Now if only you could double tap.TENS-NYC-8037Since their first delivery in June, the lenses have been tried and tested by people from all over the world showing their life through Tens. Marty and the Team were shocked to read that Yahoo thought the tint was closest to Kelvin, pah, our money's totally on Valencia...
"The thing is with Tens, is that the filter through the lens changes, whether you are looking at the sky or beach or even in a nightclub"tens pretavoir
So many people base which sunglasses they buy based on the style and shape of the frame where as Tens is all about the lens. Starting off with the classic Wayfarer shape, the lads at Tens did't want to take away the focus of what Tens is all about - making the world around you look and feel better.
"We feel that everyone concentrates too much on how their product looks and how they look in it as opposed to how it makes you feel"TENS-NYC-8007
The future of Tens is certainly as bright as their filter. With some new frames being added to the mix including a Clubmaster, they are now researching future collaboration possibilities. We of course had to ask if they would be developing the lens to fit prescriptions and the answer is a bit fat yes, it is just a matter of time. Since launching the brand has already been inundated by enquiries from countries all over the world - not bad for a kickstarter company that's only a few months old right?
"The one trip collaborations will be really custom, different and limited, we want to make sure Tens stay accessible to everyone who want to see the world differently"
Tens Pretavoir Pretavoir's Betty giving the Tens Lens a try for herself...
All the glasses are shipped straight from Glasgow, Scotland and although they have found worldwide success, Scotland has been super supportive of the young brand. Tens is a sunglasses brand defined by the idea of filtering everything around you and heightening the senses without all the apps and cameras. Who needs Instagram Anonymous when we have a real life photo filter? Thank you for saving us from ourselves, Tens. Have you tried Tens? Tweet us and let us know what you think!