We see google glass banned across the UK, some gorgeous new collections drop (including Cara Delavinge in the latest Burberry campaign) and Garrett Leight share his favorite shopping destinations. It can only be one thing - Thank Pret It's Friday: Your Weekly Eyewear News.wow-final-cover-editorial-l_3Remember Lily Allen's gorgeous pink Fendi glasses? Guess who now has them in stock.Like sport? The new Carrera glasses are proving to be in high demand for adrenaline junkies.We simple adore the subtle pastel hues of the new Varg collection. The campaign is gorgeous!Garrett Leight gives a quick tour on his top shopping destinations. Worth a read if you ever find yourself in the Venice Beach area.Russell Westbrook has just debuted his new eyewear line. What we thinking of it?The new Burberry campaign featuring Cara Delavinge is jaw dropping.Not a good week for google glass as it finds itself banned from all UK cinemas.Want more offers, deals and news? Make sure you follow Pret on twitter and instagram to get your specs news first!