It's hard to imagine taking photos on our phone these days without adding the instagram filter of our choice. We edit our lives to share with our friends, family and neighbours, but what if you could tint your life with your favourite filters? That's where Tens comes in.tens Unlike normal sunglasses that can dilute colours, Tens have been created to add a filter and brighten your world while still providing protection for your eyes. Heralding from Edinburgh, the talented trio behind Tens have applied their background within film and photography to make some truly gorgeous sunglasses. 3 years and a spectacularly successful indiegogo campaign later and Tens are taking over the internet with their unisex classic designs in 4 colour ways and instagram style lens filters.tens-sunglasses-photo-filter-designboom02 39ed45d945d4bb12767ca7a0bac992b5With their indiegogo campaign still running until early June, we can't wait to see more from this exciting young brand.