As part of their 2016 keynote at the world's largest consumer electrics outing in Las Vegas Intel launched their personal trainer sunglasses collaboration with Oakley.

This premium sports sunglass is full of clever sensors such as power meters, heart rate monitors and speed/cadence sensors with which the wearer can interact using voice control. The product was described by an enthused Intel CEO Brian Krzanich  in his keynote as 'Siri for athletes.'

Radar Pace can answer questions such as 'How's my pace?', What's my heart rate?' The sunglass is linked to iphone or android as you train. This also allows you to play music from your itune catalogue as the Radar Pace boasts high end noise cancelling earphones built into the sunglass frame. You can also take (or reject phone calls) by tapping on the frame. Further, once you have completed your guided workout you can use Siri and ask 'Where is the nearest Starbucks?' You will then receive directions as you run (or walk) to your nearest latte stop.

We have witnessed the sunglass being used by an athlete on a treadmill at a Luxottica event this summer and could not help but be impressed. This first generation Radar Pace is a glimpse of the future. Selling price expected to be in region of £425.  We will have limited availability from early October. The perfect Christmas gift for the tech loving fitness fan.. Register your interest here.