Moncler ML 004 sunglasses

Moncler Known for their symbolic luxury living in exceptional outerwear for the great outdoors now introduce Moncler eyewear . The Moncler sunglasses collection is hand made by Marcolin, the manufacturers of Tom Ford eyewear.

In 2015  Marcolin  and Moncler announced the signing of a worldwide agreement for five years. We recently viewed six Moncler sunglasses. These six styles were available worldwide at Moncler boutiques, exclusively. However shortly afterwards Pretavoir is proud to have received the Moncler Sunglass collection.

The Moncler style is epitomised by its puffer down jacket which has had exponential increase in popularity over recent seasons.

The sunglasses are true to Moncler values: top quality materials, innovation and experimentation, merging aesthetic functionality, and technological research with iconic design elements of timeless style.Inspiration is take from the 70’s ski goggles, and the effect of the distinctive “boudin” manufacturing in the Moncler down jacket is recalled in models ML0001 and ML0002. The aerodynamic temples with a hypoallergenic cover distinguish the men’s acetate ML0003, and the unisex ML0004 frames. This guarantees a better fit on each face and it the look of high altitude goggles, whose anti-reflective lenses protect the eyes from the glare of snow reflection. A polarised lens version offering enhanced glare reduction is also available.

Strong colours and tint combinations echo the inside and outside of Moncler’s down jackets and red, black and white or brown and yellow. The colours are applied on the temples and the frame front, or on the blinkers in styles ML0003 and ML0004. The leather blinkers are removable, turning a functional element into a stylistic fashion item. The blinkers help protect wind blown ice crystals in Alpine conditions and can be removed to relax into sophisticated sunglasses on a summer beach.

We're excited to launch the Moncler sunglasses and glasses collection on Pretavoir this month and look forward to hearing how our customers enjoy wearing them...
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