If you're a James Bond fan, then you'll already know that the latest in the 007 films, Skyfall, is to be released on DVD this Monday. The 23rd of the James Bond films produced by Eon Productions--and third to star Daniel Craig as the infamously smooth British spy--has been the highest grossing in the expansive series thus far. And is it any wonder? Not only does this film have gripping action sequences and silky exchanges between lovers and villains alike that you'd expect in any top notch bond film, but it also has an interesting, well executed plot.


Add to it all a strong back-bone of convincing dialogue and fantastic acting and you've got yourself a pretty darn good film. Throw Daniel Craig sporting a pair of Tom Ford Markos in the mix, and you've got gold.Daniel Craig as BondIn Skyfall we see Bond as we've never seen him before; not as some infallible, superhuman agent-bot, but as a flawed man bound by real limitations. His character certainly doesn't abandon the traits of prior manifestations of the beloved character, but in Skyfall, Daniel Craig's Bond combines the gritty and the polished to come up with something pretty special.

Tom Ford Marko 18V

Exemplifying the James Bond of Skyfall is Tom Ford's Marko in Shiny Rhodium and Blue (FT0144 18V). Aviator in design, metallic in material, it exudes class and elegance. The Marko has subtle Tom Ford branding present in the form of a metal 'T' on the side of each temple, and the colour 18V features a crisp, solid blue lens.

Tom Ford Marko FT0144 18V

The model comes in several colours, such as Rose Gold with a Grey Green Shaded lens and Anthracite with a Brown lens--though we don't know why you would be interested in the others. Did we mention James Bond wore these? James Bond. Wore. These.



In honour of the release of Skyfall, we are running a contest this week for one of our lucky patrons to have the chance to score a pair of James Bond Tom Ford Marko sunglasses for themselves. If you fancy the thought of sporting your very own pair of these bad boys (or fancy the idea of them being sported by a man in your life [we know you do]), head on over to Twitter or Facebook to share the love in the following ways:

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Hand over the sunglasses, you treacherous fool.

So if you feel yourself Skyfalling for these (groan), you know what to do.