Oliver Peoples Soloist Teardrop Sunglasses


We wrote about these back in October and now we’ve seen them in flesh, we’re even more excited about their release! The SoloIst Teardrop boasts filigree details on the lens surrounds  and a choice of regular or polarised glass lenses. The design is all about contrast: new and old, metal and plastic, light and dark. Designer Takahiro Miyashita sought to combine vintage and modern parts into a single frame, using old tooling and methods from the last 25 years.  He says “This collaboration is going to be a new standard. I am very honoured and grateful for the result.”

Thanks to the use of vintage parts, the Teardrops are very limited edition.

The two colours pictured are available to order  right now, with the two remaining colours arriving within the next couple weeks – NOW IN STOCK!


Teardrop Soloist Sunglasses by Oliver PeoplesOV1114S Oliver Peoples Soloist Sunglasses







Oliver Peoples Soloist Teardrop - Pewter

The Pewter version comes with Matte Black arms and polarised lenses (Click for a high resolution image)

Close up of filigree detail on the Soloist sunglasses

Aged metal with intricate filigree detailing either side of the top bar (Click for a high resolution image)










Oliver Peoples Teardrop Case


Oliver Peoples Solist sunglasses - Side View

These limited edition sunglasses retail at £310 (non-polarised), we have all four colours now in stock.