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Tod's Sunglasses

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9 Item(s)


Tod's Sunglasses

Tod's is an Italian brand that prides itself on standing for luxury, understatement and superb design. It began in the late 1920s, with Dorino Della Valle starting off as a shoemaker. By the 1960s, his eldest son Diego began expanding the business. He then upgraded the small workshop into a factory and began manufacturing shoes on a larger scale, while keeping the original handmade process in order to keep quality high. Their signature shoe was called the Gommino, a luxury handmade moccasin that became the staple of casual chic style. Their patented 133 rubber beads on the sole became famous in the 1970s.

More recently, Tod's added bags to their repertoire. Using the same highly skilled leather craftsmanship that can be found on their shoes, their bags exude luxury. Today, Tod's has boutiques in cities all around the world including New York, Hong Kong, London and Milan, yet they still remain a family-run business.

Their sunglasses range incorporates retro 1950's and 1970's styles, with plenty of brown gradient lenses, leather detailing, and acetate, tortoise-shell frames. It includes styles for both men and women which retain the same handmade luxury feel of their shoe and bag range.

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