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Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Ray Ban Sunglasses

A brand that stretches back as far as 1936, Ray Ban began life as part of New York eyewear company Bausch and Lomb. Their first model was, of course, the Aviator. In an effort to block light from entering the eye around the glasses, Ray Ban Aviators were design with the oversized tear-drop shaped lens that we know today. They quickly because a stylish accessory for civilians and pilots alike, after going on sale in 1937.

Ray-Ban came up with the Wayfarer in 1952, changing the trend from metal-framed sunglasses that had previously been popular. The move to plastic was seen as modern and edgy, and they quickly became a cultural icon. After a slump in sales during the 1960s, Wayfarers picked up during the 1980s after making appearances in several big movies. They continue to sell in huge numbers, with various styles of Wayfarer on offer. Theses include the 'New' Wayfarer, Classic Wayfarer and the Folding Wayfarer.

Today, Ray Ban is owned by optical heavyweights Luxottica. They continue to make sunglasses and glasses in hundreds of different styles, with many of their shapes being emulated around the world.

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