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Prada Sport

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4 Item(s)

About Prada Sport

Prada Sport recognised that a high percentage of sports sunglasses were not creditable in the world of fashion and therefore decided to design their own range to look good first and foremost, while still giving them a sporting twist to keep them contemporary and current. Prada Sport is one of the best looking collection of sporting sunglasses that exist.

Prada is renowned for being highly distinctive--not only for its high quality, but also for its forward-thinking approach to style, which enables the brand to anticipate and orientate trends across all sectors.

The prime characteristics of this prestigious brand are influenced by their Italian heritage. The company base absolute quality as a starting point. Their constant innovation that works in respect to tradition is flawlessly implemented into each and every design, making the Prada Sport collection a trendy and must have accessory. Research even goes into the selection of materials employed, together with their impeccable manufacturing processes to ensure that every pair of Prada Sport sunglasses is of the highest possible standard.

Prada Sport products are identified by their very strong, intense technical character and unique style. The frames provide brilliance in terms of practicality as well as looking like a fashionable pair of designer sunglasses.

All Prada Sport sunglasses are Italian made, and come with a strong, authentic Prada Sport case/pouch, and Prada Sport cleaning cloth.

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