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In order to purchase your prescription glasses online we will require your pupillary distance (your PD) measurements if your prescription is stronger than +3.00 or -3.00 for either eye. Your PD is the distance between the centre of both of your pupils, required to appropriately process lenses for higher prescriptions where this information will make a difference. These measurements aren't usually included on your prescription as provided by your optician, but you can ask an optician to do this for you, or alternatively, you can take your own measurements and send them to us. There are several ways to do this.


You can use a ruler to measure the distance between the centre of your pupils. You may need a friend to help with this.

Image capture:

Take a high resolution image of yourself from a distance of 10 ft. and e-mail this to us. We should be able to calculate your measurements from this. Please ask your friend taking the picture to use the zoom function to produce an image in which your face is as large as possible. A basic digital camera with resolution of 3 megapixels is usually fine for this purpose.

Use the 'Pupil Meter' App:

If you have a smart phone you can purchase an application called the 'Pupil Meter'. This will give you an accurate reading of your PD which you can then pass onto us. There's a short video that shows you how to use this application below: