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Oakley Holbrook Shaun White OO9102 08

Sku 15232

Oakley Holbrook Shaun White OO9102 08

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Shaun White Signature Series Holbrook Sunglasses

With his brother Jesse acting as his creative director, snowboarding superstar Shaun White worked closely with Oakley during the creation of Holbrook. Together they went back to vintage styles like the original Oakley Frogskins® then set out to distill their own vision of American cool. Holbrook is a timeless classic that echoes the screen heroes from the 1940s, 50s and 60s, the icons who inspired youth with their own brand of defiance. Who was the legend? He was sometimes a loner and sometimes a leader, an everyman who lived by a code, stood up for what was right and did what needed to be done. You wouldn’t call him a man’s man because that macho crap meant nothing to him.

What you saw was what you got, including dust from the open road and a look that said he might be gone tomorrow because nothing could hold him. The name “Holbrook” came from a similar inspiration. Holbrook is a small town found along historic Route 66 in Arizona that sits on the outskirts of the painted desert and the petrified forest. It’s a classic western badland that epitomizes a spirit of exploration and adventure found in those traveling along Highway 66 in the 50’s and 60’s. Metal bolts and icons highlight the stress-resistant O Matter® frame, a comfortably lightweight design with pure Plutonite® lenses that filter out every ray of UV.


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Special Price: $107.19

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Regular Price: $160.86

Special Price: $107.19

Additional Information

Collection N/A
Brand Oakley
Colour Code 910208
Model Number OO9102
Bridge Size 18mm
Lens Size 55mm
Frame Shape Square
Photochromic Lenses Non Photochromic
Polarised Not Polarised
Lens Colour 24K Iridium
Frame Type Full Rim
Can This Be Prescribed? Call Us For Prescription Lenses
Frame Colour Polished Black (S White Ss)

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