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Dior Glasses

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  • Dior CD3232 3UK

    Dior CD3232 3UK

  • Dior CD3232 3UM

    Dior CD3232 3UM

  • Dior CD3269 086

    Dior CD3269 086

  • Dior CD3285 05L

    Dior CD3285 05L

  • Dior CD3270 086

    Dior CD3270 086

  • Dior CD3279 8LE

    Dior CD3279 8LE

  • Dior CD3280 6NY

    Dior CD3280 6NY

  • Dior CD3270 807

    Dior CD3270 807

  • Dior CD3235 3QI

    Dior CD3235 3QI

  • Dior CD3284 05L

    Dior CD3284 05L

  • Dior CD3286 6MI

    Dior CD3286 6MI

  • Dior CD3776 6NQ

    Dior CD3776 6NQ

  • Dior CD3779 6NF

    Dior CD3779 6NF

  • Dior CD3285 6NI

    Dior CD3285 6NI

  • Dior CD3286 6ML

    Dior CD3286 6ML

Items 1 to 15 of 448 total

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
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About Dior

Fashion designer Christian Dior founded his main house of couture in Paris, France in 1946. By 1958 he had salons in 15 countries, employing more than two-thousand people. In the 1950s he created the short waistless sack dress and introduced the A-line dress in 1956. This led to the creation of international merchandising labels for gloves, furs, jewelry, and now sunglasses. Since the death of its creator, the firm continued under Yves St. Laurent, Marc Bohan and Gianfranco Ferre.

Christian Dior glasses are from the House of Dior and feature fashion-forward, elegant designs. Frame fronts are displayed in flat metal and combination materials. The brand has been modernised to reflect the latest trends in eyeglasses fashion.

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