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0800 954 5689

0044 141 552 5065

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  • Diesel DL5002V 052

    Diesel DL5002V 052

  • Diesel DL5002V 001

    Diesel DL5002V 001

  • Diesel DL5005V 056

    Diesel DL5005V 056

  • Diesel DL5005V 001

    Diesel DL5005V 001

  • Diesel DL5001V 056

    Diesel DL5001V 056

  • Diesel DL5015V 05A

    Diesel DL5015V 05A

  • Diesel DL5020V 092

    Diesel DL5020V 092

  • Diesel DL5020V 005

    Diesel DL5020V 005

  • Diesel DL5021V 005

    Diesel DL5021V 005

9 Item(s)


About Diesel

Italian fashion company Diesel is largely known for its denim range, aimed at young adults and sold throughout the world. Their founder, Renzo Rosso started the company in 1978, though it didn't really take off until Wilbert Das joined, straight out of fashion school, starting as a designer before eventually rising to the role of creative director. He took the company global, making the brand what it is today.

Their range of glasses focuses mainly on acetate styles, with some really interesting details including leather temples and the use of different textures. They have a range of men and women's frames, with highly distinctive styles; from the geek-chic 'wayfarer' look to the wireframe of the 5017 model.

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