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Snow Goggles

  • Oakley's Canopy Has It Covered

    If you're among the many who enjoy a good romp on a snowy peak, then Oakley has you covered--in this case, quite literally. Oakley without a doubt has the market cornered for quality products with intense cool-factor, and the Oakley Canopy Snow Goggle is no exception. Continue reading

  • Paris Hilton Hits Slopes in Gucci Goggles

    Paris Hilton is stylish; we know it, you know it, she knows it. And as a stylishly inclined individual with heaps to spend on the very best life has to offer, we would expect nothing less from her than to hit the slopes wearing Gucci Goggles.  Continue reading

  • Adidas Sunglasses & Goggles now at Pretavoir

    Pretavoir are pleased to announce that we now stock Adidas Sunglasses and Adidas Goggles.

    Over the last week we have been hard at work adding a catalogue of sunglasses, goggles and accessories. The Adidas brand is a sports fashion orientated brand. Recently they have been pushing their presence online and offline.

    You can see their new advert below which is brilliant featuring various celebrities and sports icons including Katy Perry and David Beckham. The video also features the new song to headline JUSTICE's comeback "Civilisation", which I personally think is a really great track!

    Adidas sunglasses have a special feature which allows prescription inserts to be put inside the sunglasses. These are clipped into the frame behind the outer lens. This gives awesome flexibility and allows you to change the outer frame for different sporting scenarios.

    This awesome brand is fit for running, golf, cycling, skiing and much more. Check out the full range of Adidas eyewear.



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