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  • Our Favourite Glasses for 50 Years of Doctor Who

    There are few shows that are as ingrained in the public consciousness as Doctor Who. The wheezing sound of the TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver - and for us, some pretty spectacular glasses.

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  • Johnny Marr Revamps Ray Ban's Signet Sunglasses

    Johnny Marr has made his design debut by partnering with Ray Ban to create a pair of blue-tinted Ray Ban Signets. The former Smiths guitarist was delighted to design for the iconic brand who trusted the rock and roller to choose a frame of his choice which he then customised. The Signet is reminiscent of the classic Clubmaster but boasts a frame made entirely from metal. Marr officially marked his stamp on the design with a scrawled "Johnny" signature on their temple, cementing his place in Ray Ban history. Marr will also front the brands new "Raw Sounds" initiative which seeks to find a new talent to collaborate with Johnny himself. We couldn't think of a better brand to represent the music scene, and Johnny Marr is an added bonus.

    The original Ray Ban Signet Sunglasses that got the VIP Treatment

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  • Tom Ford Documentary Announced! A candid insight into the life of Mr Ford

    We couldn't believe our ears when we heard that the King of Cool himself, Mr Tom Ford, was releasing a documentary about his life and career. But the proof is in the pudding and clips were finally released yesterday to tease all those fashion followers and of course, lovers of the visionary himself. Speaking candidly about his time at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Ford opens up about his journey as a designer and the moment he decided to launch his own brand in 2005. The American designer has been noted in the past for being fiercely private, so this intimate film promises to show us the real Tom Ford; a man driven by perfection and the desire to create magnificent pieces that will inspire and excite. Ford fashion is chic, elegant and utterly enchanting in every way. His excellence has of course spilled over into eyewear and his sunglass collections continue to attract celebrity fans across the globe, making his brand one of the most recognisable in Hollywood. Celeb favourites such as the Nikita have become a must have for 2011, and we're excited for what the future holds for Ford frames. As ever, Pretavoir are now stocking the 2011/2012 collection including the Henry and Martina models. Show your appreciation and choose a Tom Ford frame, with so many lovely models to choose from its hard to resist.


    Visionaries: Tom Ford Documentary Trailer


  • Miranda Kerr Steps Out For a Walk Wearing Dior Sunglasses

    Miranda Kerr looked effortlessly chic stepping out in New York City today wearing the Dior Paname Sunglasses. The Australian model looked stunning in a patterned maxi dress and ballet pumps whilst running errands in NYC. These must-have cat eye frames are available in 5 different colours, including bold purple and a vibrant turquoise. We think Miranda's got it spot on with the understated black frame, letting this stylish sunglass speak for itself.

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  • Stella McCartney to launch Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

    It has been announced that Stella McCartney will launch an eco-friendly range of sunglasses as part of her 2012 Spring Collection. The vegetarian designer is committed to campaigning for environmental issues and has already added vegan heals to a previous collection. The sunglass range will consist of five different pairs, three with acetate frames and two with metal frames. The new designs will use materials kinder to the environment including a new acetate plastic, which combines cellulose with 'natural plasticisers' derived from citric acid. Stella believes using renewable sources for her designs promotes good practice. Most sunglasses use plastic derived from petroleum, whereas Stella's is a blend which includes

    a 54 per cent contribution from castor oil seeds, a renewable resource itself. But dont't go thinking this will compromise on quality, Macca's daughter has promised a collection that is made to the highest quality with a luxury finish; it'll just be the price that you'll be feeling guilty about when wearing them...just remember it's all for a good cause.


  • Oliver Peoples and Takahiro Miyashita Create Vintage Frames for 2011/2012 Eyewear Collection


    Emerging fashion label TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloIst. has teamed with Oliver Peoples to create a bespoke luxury eyewear collection. Japanese designer Takahiro Miyashita fronts TheSoloIst mainline collection and has been hailed as a fashion visionary for his recent tailored designs. Miyashita's experimentation with layered fabrics, textured designs with bohemian flair make for an inspiring collaboration with the eloquent vintage designs of Oliver Peoples. The range has been named TheSoloIst and will be part of the 2011/12 eyewear collection.

    TheSoloIst frames were created with a 'salvage' philosophy in which Miyashita aimed to recreate a vintage frame which would be entirely true to its aesthetics. Old factories and warehouses were scoured for original metal pieces that could be incorporated into the frames, crafting a truly original collection. Where this was not possible, creators spent a year replicating missing parts whilst using traditional techniques and tools used for Oliver Peoples frames almost 25 years ago. This amalgamation of the old and the new symbolises this perfect partnership who have found a harmonious balance between the vintage and the vintage inspired.

    The result is one optical and one sunglass frame, both of which have double bar bridge detailing. The first model - the optical frame - boasts a round P3 lens shape and is available in three different colours. The sunglass, 'Tear Drop', is available in four colours with the added benefit of polarized lenses. These unisex frames are a wonderful arrangement of treated metals and acetate, creating a stunning collection with class and elegance.These vintage frames not only boast a classic design but deliver when it comes to quality and authenticity. The top-bar and temple plaques for instance are made from reclaimed materials from three decades ago.

    These are not simply glasses, but a statement; about Oliver Peoples' history in luxury eyewear, and  its promise to future design, thanks to Miyashita. Investing in TheSoloIst collection means that you will become a part of the new generation of vintage eyewear, paying homage to the designs of the past that have stood the test of time. What's not to love?







  • Diesel Sunglasses Make Their Debut at Pretavoir

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    We are delighted to announce that Diesel will become the next designer brand arriving at Pretavoir. Diesel, founded in 1979 by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied, originally launched as a clothing range but quickly expanded to become one of the world's most recognisable fashion brands. The Italian brand has become the forefront of urban chic design, with dynamic and innovative designs. Wilbert Das, Diesel's current head designer and creative director, has continued to push the boundaries of fashion merging traditional styles with contemporary influence; creating a thoroughly forward thinking brand that has the ability to both shock and excite. Vibrance and detail are at the heart of Diesel's designs and their sunglass collection is no exception. Their distinctive approach to eyewear often results in futuristic inspired designs with large angular frames in bright and bold colours.

    Today the brand is available across the globe, being distributed in up to 50 different countries, simply proving that true style is not a statement but a movement. Favoured by the stars, these funky yet wearable frames have become iconic in their own right. And it is for this reason we couldn't be happier that Pretavoir are bringing them to you. The full sunglass collection consisting of male, female and unisex models will be coming to Pretavoir soon. Watch this space.


  • Tod's Sunglasses: The Latest Brand to Arrive at Pretavoir

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    We're excited to have a new brand arriving at Pretavoir this autumn: Tod's. Tod's is an Italian luxury brand that began as a shoemaker in the 1920s by Dorino Della Valle. By the 60s, the business was being run by his eldest son Diego. He expanded rapidly, turning a basement workshop into a factory, yet kept the by-hand manufacturing processes in order to maintain the quality his customers were used to. The late seventies saw the introduction of their signature shoe: the Gommino, a leather mocassin with 133 rubber beads on the sole. They became the staple of casual-chic, which really began to define the brand.

    Tod's Sunglasses

    More recently Tod's introduced bags to their repertoire, which were manufactured using the same highly skilled leather craftsmanship that was found on their range of shoes. Today, the brand has boutiques all around the world including New York, London, Milan and Tokyo (yet they still remain a family-run business).

    Their sunglasses range incorporates retro 1950s and 1970s styles, with plenty of brown gradient lenses, leather detailing, and acetate, tortoise-shell frames. We can expect styles for both men and women to retain the same handmade luxury feel of their shoe and bag range.


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  • Jada Pinkett-Smith dazzles in Tom Ford Nico Sunglasses

    Jada Pinkett-Smith added a little Hollywood glamour to her chic look by wearing Tom Ford Nico sunglasses in NY city yesterday. The feisty actress donned bold red high-waisted flares coupled with a silk Champagne blouse. These frames complete the retro 70's look and are available in 3 different colours. Click here to see the full Tom Ford sunglass collection.

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  • Jennifer Aniston says 'Good Morning' to America wearing Ray Ban Aviator 3025's

    Jen looked flawless wearing a pair of Ray Ban 3025 Aviators on route to ABC studios in NYC yesterday. Paired with a casual jumper dress, leggings and knee high boots, the Aviators ensured Jen looked sleek but understated. See the full Ray Ban Aviator collection here and get Jen's look today!

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